Health & Nutrition

 Every Human Matters Good health is the most powerful tool we have for moving forward with our aspirations. It is much too easy to forget how vital good health is for communities to be able to prosper. Being free from sickness and disease allows children to attend school, learn and grow into educated strong adults.
With medical care, a country’s workforce is strengthened as adults are fit, healthy and strong enough to work full and productive days. If the main breadwinner has to stay at home with illness, they are not able to earn to provide for their families. Not only does the family fall into financial hardship, but work is left undone and the economy slows down and suffers.
Poor health holds communities back and, in many cases, causes them to stay trapped in the cycle of poverty.
They is Every Human Matters believe good health should be treated as one of the biggest priorities for the world’s poor.
The sad reality, however, is that affordable and effective health care is an elusive hope in many parts of the world
Even where health services are available, they are often dilapidated and lacking the resources to cater for the community’s needs. This means illnesses are prolonged, infections are not contained and many preventable diseases become a cause of long-term illness and often, death.  Every Human Matters run projects to address the most prevalent and widespread diseases. Many of the biggest killers are also those which are easily treated with targeted medical care.

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