Build a school!

More than 70 per cent of Pakistan poor people live in rural areas and depend for their food and livelihood on a precarious relationship with the land. After flood 2010 in the rural areas of Pakistan employment opportunities are few. A quality education must be complimented by income generation opportunities if these young people are to escape poverty, to help set them up with a job or give them the resources necessary to start their own enterprise.
If you want to do something truly remarkable and life changing, then build a school in a remote community of PAKISTAN. Build a School has the experience and local knowledge to guide you through the process.  You will help to build a school that is sustainable, gives every child access to a good education and becomes the focus of community life.
Every human matters build the girls school in seed pure 
Distribution of your Sponsorship 15/month or annually (one-off payment) of 180/year will ensure that over the course of a year an children is provided with:
1-School fees    2-Books    3Notebooks    4-Stationery
5-Uniform    6-School bag    7-Shoes     8Medical

Donate Towards This Cause. Give a Little, Change a Lot.