Every Human Matters Foundation belief that education is the cornerstone of our human capital development and doorway out of poverty and education will not only benefit a child with future opportunities and economic empowerment but also contribute to their mental and physical wellbeing, community cohesion and gender equality.



City of knowledge school project aims to provide children with formal & informal education, recreational activities, health & hygiene campaigns, psycho-social counseling and to convince them to go to school and pursue their education. The beneficiaries are assisted in terms of education, and they are provided with a protective environment to live in instead of the dumpsites and landfills.


School Supplies

Giving out school supplies to underprivileged people – There is a substantial number of unfortunate understudies in Pakistan, especially in remote, rural and slum ranges of Pakistan, Many Parents can’t bear the cost of school uniform, bags, books, shoes, and other school supplies for them. Every Human Matters Foundation consistently gives out school supplies to these underprivileged youngsters. More than 1000 Underprivileged king have benefitted from this system to date



Education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty that traps so many children.

In Pakistan a vast number of primary and secondary school children are not in the classroom because of poverty.

In keeping with our mission to educate children, Every Human Matters Foundation has a small Scholar ship program to ensure that children in Pakistan ,regardless of gender or circumstances, have access to a quality education.

This fund enables impoverished children to go to school while living at home with their family. Many parents cannot afford the uniform and school supplies necessary to keep their children in school. Every Human Matters Foundation provides enough money to give the children uniforms, book bags and supplies.


Vocational Training

Khadija vocational institute Project is providing women the skills to achieve financial self-reliance.

Every Human Matters Launched in the year 2019, the project is established inside the school premises where trained teachers impart 6-month specialized training in two specific trades Sewing &Embroidery.

By the end of the course the learners are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to launch their own small businesses while staying at home. The objective is to provide women with the support they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty


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